Ecommerce statistics 2014

Here you cand find some ecommerce stats about most of ecommerce aspects. These stats are always kept fresh every month, so check them often: Click here for 2015 ecommerce stats.

Classic ecommerce newsletters statistics

  • Average Open Rate: 11.6%
  • Average Click Rate: 5.44%
  • Average Conversion Rate: 1.34%
  • Average share rate: 0.08%

Transactional email statistics

  • Average Open Rate: 38.5%
  • Average Click Rate: 29.2%
  • Average Conversion Rate: 8.54%

Segmented newsletters stats

Sent to relevant groups of subscribers, based on interests, profile, brand affinity. Also includes product recommendations inside email.
  • Average Open Rate: 16%
  • Average Click Rate: 10.7%
  • Average Conversion Rate: 3.7%

Ecommerce business statistics

  • Conversion Rate: 1.91%
  • Days to purchase: 1.7days
  • Best converting channels: Email, PPC, Search (in this order)
  • Abandoned carts: 69.5%
  • Recovered carts: 18%

Onsite Product Recommendations stats

  • Visitors influenced by reccs: 77%
  • Time on site: -6%
  • Average order value: +3.4%
  • Conversion rate: +6.3% (still under testing)
  Note:  All of the stats here are based on Vibetrace ecommerce marketing solution and represent only averages regardless the industry or shop size. If you need more detailed statistics, please contact us.   Want to know another stat? Leave a comment below and we might share it!