Ecommerce statistics 2018

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Ecommerce statistics in 2018

In 2015 we published our first series of ecommerce statistics. Click here for 2014 stats. The next year, in 2016 we’ve published the ones for 2015. If you want you can read ecommerce statistics for 2016 here. Please feel free to share this data or use it in your presentations, with a link back to our page.

Various things about online shopping in 2018

All the following statistics are based on:
  • Time period: Jan 01 – Dec 1 2018
  • 359.1M visitors of ecommerce sites across US, EU and Asia
  • 104.5M purchases

Time of purchase

We defined parts of day according to this English tradition: MORNING This is the time from midnight to midday. AFTERNOON This is the time from midday (noon) to evening. From 12:00 hours to approximately 18:00 hours. EVENING This is the time from the end of the afternoon to midnight. From approximately 18:00 hours to 00:00 hours.
  • Morning – 35%
  • Afternoon – 28.5%
  • Evening – 36.5%
Again this year, there is an increase in the morning purchases. According to our data, the rise of mobile is the reason behind the change. Still valid for the entire year of 2017.

Average order values and conversion rate

  • Average order value around the world:
    • United States – $121
    • Europe – $143
    • Asia – $74
  • Highest conversion rate per industry (first time travel become number 1)
    1. Travel
    2. IT&C
    3. Fashion

Classic blast emails (newsletters) statistics

  • Average Open Rate: 10.2%
  • Average Click Rate: 6.1%
  • Average Conversion Rate: 1.33%
Classic newsletters are sent more rarely as marketers move to email marketing automation.

Transactional email statistics

Transactional emails are sent automatically based on user behaviour. Click here to learn more
  • Average Open Rate: 42.8%
  • Average Click Rate: 31.6%
  • Average Conversion Rate: 7.6%

Segmented newsletters stats

Sent to relevant groups of subscribers, based on interests, profile, brand affinity. Also includes product recommendations inside email.
  • Average Open Rate: 16.3%
  • Average Click Rate: 10.1%
  • Average Conversion Rate: 3.9%

Ecommerce business statistics

Those statistics are general across all industries, geographic areas.
  • Conversion Rate: 1.99%
  • Days to purchase: 1.6days
  • Best converting channels: PPC, Email, Search (SEO), Push (PPC become number 1)
  • Abandoned carts: 74%
  • Recovered carts from transactional emails: 20.1%

Onsite Product Recommendations stats

Those stats compare to the average of users who did not interact with product recommendations:
  • Visitors influenced by reccs: 60.2% meaning people who clicked one of our recommendations and purchased the same product afterwards
  • Time on site: 4 minutes 05 seconds
  • Average order value: $151
Note:  All of the stats here are based on Vibetrace ecommerce marketing solution , used directly by us and through white-label partners.  

Push Notifications Ecommerce stats

This is a very cool new marketing channel with better metrics than email marketing. The problem is in the volume, as there are only a few people who subscribed to those notifications.
  • Average Display Rate: 54%
  • Average Click Rate: 39.3%
  • Average Conversion Rate: 4.8%
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