Conversion Rate Optimization

Specific businesses need specific solutions. How can we increase your conversion rate?
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Every customer is unique. Do you identify them?

customer-segmentation-lifecycle Identify your best customers, most loyal shoppers, churning customers.
  • Instantly know your customer retail metrics
  • More effective marketing campaigns, with higher returns
  • Get information about your best customers, biggest spenders, most frequent/recent buyers and more.
  Segmentation is the key to a highly effective and profitable customer retention marketing program.  

How do you treat different customers?

site-personalization-offer There are a lot of tricks to convince more customers to buy.
  • Decrease bounce-rate with product recommendations
  • Increase conversion rate with irresistible offers at the right time
  • Save money with personalized incentives and discounts
  • Test campaigns and site performance with A/B testing
  Increase sales and conversion rate with personalization of your ecommerce store. After initial setup everything is automated.

Do you want more repeat customers?

abandoned-cart-offer Create relationships with your clients in order to buy again from you.
  • Send triggered emails based on behavior and profiling
  • Recover abandoned carts, send remarketing campaigns
  • Optimize and automate onsite marketing campaigns
  Repeat customers don’t fall from the sky! It’s smart marketing technology you now have access to.
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