Why email series?

When planning your next email strategy, you can either decide on creating an individual email to send to your users or an email series. Sometimes, email series work better than individual emails, because they are connected to each other, they have a workflow and have some advantages such as:

  • They increase engagement
  • They provide useful information
  • They increase sales
  • They make a good impression on new subscribers if they are done properly

The most frequent series are the welcome series, which are used to create a good first impression and also to engage new subscribers. As you have only one chance to make a good impression, don’t treat the welcome campaign superficially.

Create the workflow

Before your start a welcome campaign series, you should decide how many emails you would like to send in the workflow. This step is crucial, because sending way too many emails might annoy your new subscribers. Also, be careful to fix your objectives for each email send. The workflow requires prior planning and thinking, so the emails will make sense and maximize the conversion rate. For example, you can send two welcome emails: the first one sets the subscribers’ expectations for the newsletter and the second one gives a discount to new subscribers.

Check the results

Always track the results. This way you can see if your email series are working out and convert subscribers into costumers or if the emails increase the unsubscribing rate. If the latter situation happens, you need to figure out what you are doing wrong and quickly make changes based on the insights you gathered. Maybe you send too many emails in a short time, maybe there are too many emails with promotions, maybe the sending time should be changed, etc.


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