Tracking your email maketing results

Email marketing brings sales, being the channel with the highest ROI for some online shops.

But how do you know the results of your email marketing campaigns? What do you need to track? What metrics, KPIs?

Here are 5 Email Metrics you should have in your email report

Make sure you use a solution that gives you answers to these metrics:


Open Rate

What is open rate? The percent of people who opened your email from the total number of users who received that email.

Clickthrough Rate

What is clickthrough rate?

The percentage of people who clicked anything from your email (not the unsubscribe link).

Conversion Rate

That probable one of the most important if you are a business owner. How many people converted from the email?

Don’t forget that a conversion might not take place immediately, so a user open/clicks your email and afterwards searches your website on Google.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of emails that were sent, but never reached user email box.

This could happen for many reasons like: user mailbox full, server not available, clicked spam before and so on.

List growth Rate

For this metric you need to find how many new emails enter your system and how many you loose for a specific period. You might loose emails if they unsubscribe/hit spam or simply hard bounce because the email address is not valid any more.

If new emails – lost emails is negative you have a negative growth rate.

If you divide this value by the size of your entire list than you’ll find the list growth rate.

Return of investment

The overall return on investment for your email campaigns. In other words, how much money you made minus total spend.


What other email metrics are you following? Let us know in the comments bellow.

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