The Lucky Wheel – how to collect 4x emails with interactive campaigns

We had interaction campaigns for a long time. Probably 10 years now, since they were added just after email campaigns, that we started with. With Interaction campaigns, you can show static messages, run dynamic popups based on site variables or even collect user input information with embedded forms. Although we supported running custom Javascript within […]

Steps to get GDPR compliant

Time is running out and by 25th May you need to be ready with the GDPR rules implementation. For an ecommerce store, we’ve put together 11 steps to become ready: To read more about GDPR and how Vibetrace implements it, read more here: Here’s the infographic:

March product update

We’ve been working in the last month on the following: User Tags – you can easily add and now remove tags from users Interaction campaigns – we’re sure they work on any website and our editor correctly deals with css Countdown Timer – Generate Urgency by having an animated GIF added to your emails Leave Intent […]

October product updates

October was a month of lots of small improvements, bug fixes and stuff to increase sales for our happy clients. What we’ve did in October. use your own domain for push notifications (you need to have https on your website) recurring push including product recommendations mix algorithms for facebook share catalog discovery. open cart integration […]

August Updates

New design templates If you use our interactions, email collectors or other onsite personalization message you’ll see those new elements in the gallery Integration modules were updated. If you use any of our Prestashop/Woocommerce/Magento modules please contact us to upgrade them ¿hablas español? We’ve translated our dashboard to Spanish using machine translation! Because we believe […]

Why Personalization is Important for Marketing

In the fast-changing internet world, marketers need to constantly reinvent themselves to execute more effective campaigns. Most marketers are unanimous that personalization is the key to success. You need to infuse creativity into your personalization efforts to find long-term success. We all receive a good amount of email spam every day. Plus, we see annoying […]