Black Friday Step by Step – Learn how to prepare your Online Shop

If you have not already started, it’s time to get ready for Black Friday, the world’s largest sales campaign. The phenomenon has grown year by year and the sales generated by Black Friday have increased steadily, reaching about $3 billion in 2016. Whether it is the first Black Friday you organize or not, we have […]

8 Ideas for Effective Emailing For E-commerce

If you are already using “Set and Forget” Email Automations, you need to know that there are some other very effective strategies along with them. One of the reasons having a solid email marketing automation strategy in place is valuable for online businesses is that much of the top revenue is added without additional work. After initial setup […]

Holiday email opportunities for your business

The holiday season comes with great opportunities for numerous business sectors. This is the season when consumers dedicate some of their time just for shopping and buying gifts for their loved ones, so why not use this opportunity in order to grow your data base? Consumers will enter your website in search for holiday presents, […]

Make your intentions known during the holiday season

During the holiday season develop a creative strategy and think what consumers will want from you and what they expect. Then, let them know what you have planned. Send emails to tell them ahead of time about the campaigns, contests and offers you are going to implement during the holidays. This way you will kill […]

Why email series?

When planning your next email strategy, you can either decide on creating an individual email to send to your users or an email series. Sometimes, email series work better than individual emails, because they are connected to each other, they have a workflow and have some advantages such as: They increase engagement They provide useful information They increase sales […]