Rising star from FinancesOnline

Our tools has been reviewed by FinancesOnline. We’re proud of two awards that we received:

  • Rising Star Award for 2017
  • Great User Experience Award 

We are aware that User Experience can always be improved, but you can feel free to read the entire very detailed review.

The team behind FinancesOnline does a great job reviewing lots of other competitor solutions, so you can always compare those under their Marketing Automation Software category. We are happy to be listed in their best marketing automation solutions, as we have all features required by a marketing automation tool:

  • email marketing and email retargeting
  • product recommendations (both onsite and inside emails)
  • polls & surveys to gather more users feedback and other data.
  • push notifications
  • personalized onsite messages.

As discussed in the review, user experience is important, so we’ve tried to add new features where you need them. Also don’t forget that pricing can be personalized based on your needs and it starts at just $99 per month.


Experts were particularly impressed by Vibetrace’s dynamic segmentation capacity, which we believe to be the main reason for the system being discussed in the platform’s list of leading marketing solutions for 2017. According to their review, what they liked the most was how the system enables users to recognize their customers and effectively segment them based on their previous visits, on-site behaviour, activities, purchases, and preferred content and more. They also discussed our retargeting which allows users to effectively engage leaving visitors, and inspires them to undertake the desired action in a way which will almost certainly boost their interest.

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