Marketing automation is becoming the new trend and will definitely be the focus for all marketers in 2017. So what defines marketing automation?

According to Google and Hubspot,

Marketing automation refers to software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions.

While this seems trivial and an easy job for the majority of marketing technology providers, it’s not that simple. From a marketing technologist perspective (and ours as well):

Marketing Automation allows them to create, automate, measure and refine marketing tasks and workflows in order to decrease costs and generate more revenue.

So, what’s Marketing Automation for Online Retailers about?

For marketing people, marketing automation can become their best friend, because it bring more returns, while also saves time and resources. Because there are many third party of such services, it can be used by an company, regardless their size, industry and resources.

  • Data analysis and development of marketing campaigns;
  • Management (Automation) and continous refinement of marketing campaigns;
  • Appropriate multichannel customer data storage and usage;
  • Moving visitors from leads to buyers and returning customers;


Real benefits of Automating your Marketing

  • It saves time – create, schedule and automate multiple campaigns ahead of time and let them run. Therefore, working hours can be used for analysing reports and improving on the go;
  • You become more efficient – Manual processes become obsolete as you get a streamlined automatic alternative for campaign development and creation.
  • Personalisation – Personalization gets automated on a user level, inviting the user to to a more likely experience that will lead him to conversion.
  • Keeps all data together – Data and information from various customer touch-points are put together to allow a better understanding of customers and so it improves communication;
  • Consistent Multichannel management – While this is strongly tied to data acquisition, it helps deliver messages to multiple channels, where each customer is more likely to respond.
  • Consistency – Having all these incorporating into one central hub will allow your marketing efforts to be unified and to deliver better results in short time;

We strongly believe there is one another benefit of using such a solution: happiness: for business owners/investors money, for marketing executive better efficiency and less time spent doing boring tasks;

What Marketing Automation is not?

  • A new name to email marketing (newsletters, email retargeting or whatever). Email marketing is just a channel used to communicate with customers inside a Marketing Automation process;
  • A new easy to use tool. While many of those services allow for better management of resources, it’s not easy to put everything together to really benefit the business;
  • A way to get new customers. Marketing automation focuses more on moving visitors from leads to customers and increasing conversion rate. It still helps getting more traffic in some cases, but it’s not solely focusing on this.


Are you using Marketing Automation? What’s your favourite solution for this?

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