In any industry there are some guys that are doing it right. Online shops making a fortune just because they do something at the best level: be it design, customer support, automation, marketing and so on. In this ecommerce links digest we’ll cover the best practices and advice you should follow:

Here are some examples of great ecommerce examples for you to read this weekend:

We all know, Asos,

  • 10 best practices to improve your ecommerce website []

Visibility – Loyal Customers, Social Media, Advertising, SEO. Usability – Product Pages, Customer Support, Navigation. Conversions. A/B Testing and the right copy.

How to deal with out of stock or expired products. How to focus SEO practices every season and new products. Must read.

  • 11 expert tweaks to maximize purchases []

Invest in Remarketing. Optimize your site search and make products easy identifiable. Free Shipping and Customer Reviews.

  • 7 tips for your ecommerce strategy in this year. [mashable]

Would you be your own customer? This is probably a must ask for all ecommerce owners.


What do you think, are there any examples you follow? Any suggestions to share with others?


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