Do 4 things to your online shop to amaze shoppers

The previous post was about general 2014 trends in ecommerce marketing. While these present the overall strategy to apply to your online business, here are some simple ecommerce tips and tactics for daily use:

1. Responsive design

Hey, mobile is growing faster than ever. Tablets have higher conversion rate than desktops. If you didn’t invest in a responsive theme for your shop, now it’s the time.

2. Rich Content

Two pictures and two paragraphs per product? This is so ten years old!

Videos, animated GIFs, product unboxing, tens of pictures. Everything focused on consumer benefits.

3. Free and Fast shipping

You already know that free shipping can boost your sales. Now you need to find a way to do it as fast as possible. Would you wait 3 weeks for a shirt? Maybe next season…

Negotiate with your couriers, they surely give discounts for big volumes. Do you have deposits in big cities? Hire someone with a car to do it for you.

4. Live Chat, Customer Support

Is that red really red? How large is the size, will it fit me? Provide live-chat so your clients will get fast answers to all crazy questions they have.


To create an amazing 2014 ecommerce marketing strategy, be certain to plan and stick to it.

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