As usual we have a weekly digest of links from all over the internet. This week, we want to cover best generic posts on ecommerce marketing and statistics. You’ll find things like best practices, trends, resolutions, infographics and a lot more.

  • 5 principles of Social Proof store owners should know [Shopify]

Reviews, scarcity, people faces… do you use them in your site content strategy?  

  • Email vs Facebook. Which wins the conversion battle? [GetElastic]

We already know that email it’s the best converting channel. While there is still value in Facebook to attract sales, a social network platform will never outperform a good email marketing strategy.

Remember mobile design for email marketing as a resolution for 2014? Your site should already be in a mobile format to drive sales.

From micro-payments, to proximity based marketplaces and local-coupons, there are some great companies and successfully marketing examples to follow.

  • Advice for keyword research in Adwords [Volusion]

While Dont’s include common things like grammar/spelling errors or keyword stuffing, also remember that URL’s and page title are the most important.

  • Amazing: 1 in 4 global consumers did the last purchase online [MarketingCharts]

Ecommerce is trending everywhere, from mature markets to all emergent markets. It’s undeniable to say “you should wait to see if ecommerce is growing”.


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