What are you using to send emails? Is it your own server, or you pay one of the biggest providers?

If you use one of the most common email marketing services, they probably have built their own ESP or use a most common one (like one of those below).


There are many that allow to integrate through API’s or use a simple SMTP connection. Just to remember a few:


Our Marketing Automation solution allow you to integrate with any of those automatically and even more, you can test which one is giving you the best results.

Basically Vibetrace offers much more than an email marketing service, allowing you to choose the best email provider. By default we are using Sparkpost services, which sends about 20% of world-wide legitimate emails.

Here are our default integrations:

What is the best email provider out there?

We do not have an answer to this, as we’ve seen various results depending on number of emails being sent, industry and a few other details.


Advantages of having access to send through multiple email providers:

  • doing A/B test to see which one has better deliverability (more opens, clicks and more sales)
  • when you get blacklisted (it happens sometimes) you just switch provider with 1 click
  • if prices go up, again, you can simply switch in matter of seconds.


Simple to setup, just like any other A/B test we provider for all our campaigns. You create at least 2 content variations and you can select desired email provider for each of them.