3 marketing automation principles from Amazon

marketing-automation-3principlesAmazon has amazing marketing ideas great people being paid to generate ideas to increase sales and conversion rate. Behind all ideas are some basic principles that drive all the marketing automation process and can be easily applied on you online shop. But first:

Marketing automation refers to software platforms designed for marketing departments to automate repetitive tasks. It is often triggered when a prospect or customer takes some action that the business owner wants to lead to a result.

How could I improve shopping experience for my users

Instead of mass-emailing all your customers the same content and promotions, have you tried segmenting customer list based on preferences? Using personalized newsletters and email marketing automation, you are able to trigger more personalized campaigns with improved results.

How can I give my customers more of what they want

Through ecommerce personalization, you can customize the landing pages, category listings, product pages and other elements of your web site. This customization will not only help your customers in their buying decisions, but will also help them buy more from you. It’s already proven that Amazon recommendations work.

How can I improve the business by making clients happy.

Listen to your customers! Use passive actions such as web browsing from analytics services, purchase history from your ERP, to actual feedback through surveys and customer service. Follow what makes them happy using you site, your customer support service on social media or email and improve that continuously.

Examples of marketing automation  (I’m sure you already use some)

  • Post purchase surveys;
  • Birthday reminders with vouchers;
  • Cart abandonment email or text reminders;
  • Apply vouchers to carts over a certain total;
  • Display widgets for new visitors to subscribe;
  • […]

Marketing automation can be very powerful if done right. Doing it with experts will help you see measurably large results in your business. Ecommerce marketing automation can help you leverage technologies to make customers feel special and educate prospective shoppers.

Tell us in the comments what what marketing automation techniques are you using:

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