Email personalization in ecommerce. When, how and why

The most basic form of email personalization is including recipient’s name in the subject line. Next step is developing a unique email for each subscriber, with completely personalized content. In between these two options, there is a large range of email personalization ideas that you can use for improving your email marketing campaigns. Ecommerce is a […]

Email marketing conversion rate gets a boost with customer segmentation

In our previous blog posts, we talked about how you can be a successful ecommerce marketer by using email marketing. And, in order to reach this objective, we were recommending you to spend some time for segmenting your target audience. Of course, customer segmentation is important in every business. But in ecommerce you have much […]

7 steps for achieving email marketing success in Ecommerce

Keeping in touch with your clients and prospect customers is amazingly important. You’ll end up growing important metrics: brand awareness, loyalty, up-selling, business development etc. For an ecommerce business, there are, of course, various communication channels and methods to pick from. But email marketing proved itself to remain the most efficient way for sending commercial […]

Best links on increasing average order value [digest]

Recently, we wrote an article on how to increase your average order value. While this includes our personal recommendations, there also some great people writing about the same thing. We insist on the importance of increasing the value of the sale and on returning sales more than bringing new traffic. While free delivery, offers, product bundling […]

Use Marketing Automation and stay ahead of competitors

Marketing has always been a field full of creativity and strategic thinking. Everybody can talk about a product or service. But marketers are the ones who know how to actually communicate clearly and attractively any message to the consumer. It is about knowing your target audience, imagining the person you are addressing your texts to […]