1. Email Marketing

Benefits of ecommerce email marketing

  • Auto-recover abandoned carts!
  • Engage with old customers
  • Easy retarget visitors who left your site
  • Automate and personalize newsletters

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2. Behavioral targeting personalization

Benefits of behavioral targeting

  • Decrease bounce-rate with predictive exit-intent
  • Increase website engagement
  • Generate sales more quickly, using call-to-actions
  • Get email addresses from visitors

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3. Product recommendations

Benefits of product recommendations

  • Increase user willingness to buy
  • Dive deep into customer profiling
  • Increase revenue by increasing products relevancy
  • Personalize each newsletter for each user. Automatically!

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4. A/B testing your marketing

Benefits of A/B testing

  • Increase conversion rate. Guaranteed!
  • Simplify customer actions to purchase
  • Decrease abandoned checkouts
  • Also A/B test our services.