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May Product Updates

Every month we send an update with improvements for our product. This month is no different. Segment evolution View how a segment evolved over time. System computes the count for these segments every day and displays the result in the evolution tab. Push Actions segmentation 4 new events are available for users segmentation, related to […]

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April product updates

We’ve worked hard again for the entire month of April to give you the following updates: Ecommerce Push Notifications Recover carts with push notifications. Retarget list visitors. This in really unique on the market, so start using it as soon as possible! Will write a full article on this as soon as possible.   SignUp […]

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March 2017 new features

Our updates for March are simply amazing: Push Campaigns: ask for permission using customized widgets/texts and deliver blast notifications in a breeze. Bring back your lost visitors fast Voucher codes! Include voucher codes automatically in outgoing emails. Import them from a list or automatically through API’s or integration modules. 1001 emoji symbols to include in […]

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February product improvements

Latest features added: Product Recommendations update. You are now able to manually promote desired products, and increase the discoverability of new items with a simple checkbox. Default campaigns. While we focus on making the solution as personalized as possible, some things are hard to use. For each campaign type a “defaults” section will give you […]

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January product updates

Entire month of January we’ve upgraded our system to be able to add new features , make everything more reliable and increase your satisfaction . In December we’ve hired a new engineering team to support our team here. Adar Urdna is our lead developer.  Some improvements we’ve did during this time: Multiple email providers supported. Soon […]

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